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Take a walk, jog, skate or cycle on the beautiful off-road trails located in the City of Clearwater. Our trails connect many recreational, commercial and residential destinations! Our trails include the Ream Wilson Clearwater Trail, the Courtney Campbell Trail, the Pinellas Trail and the Duke Energy Trail.

The City of Clearwater’s multiple use trails are open during daylight hours for use by walkers, joggers, runners, skaters and cyclists. Motorized vehicles, other than official government vehicles, are prohibited.

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In addition to new construction, the City of Clearwater is dedicated to maintaining and patrolling existing trails. A Volunteer Trail Patrol provides the public with information, patrols Clearwater’s trails and assists with regular trail inspection.

Trail Maintenance

The City of Clearwater is dedicated to the proper maintenance of the trail system. Park personnel conduct trail inspections every Monday and Friday, after storms, events, and by request, to ensure the safety of our trail users.

To report a maintenance problem, please contact the Parks and Recreation Department at 727-562-4800.

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Volunteer Trail Patrol

Trails are consistently patrolled to ensure the safety of our trail users. Volunteer Trail Patrols supplement the Clearwater Police Department by acting as eyes and ears for law enforcement officers.


  • Provide public with information, directions, guidance
  • Patrol Clearwater’s trails
  • Assist with regular trail inspection
  • Assist with special trail events

For more information, or if you would like to volunteer for the Volunteer Trail Patrol, please contact Felicia Donnelly, Bicycle and Pedestrian Coordinator at 727-562-4852.